Safety and Security

JinniLotto delivers industry-leading safety and security for online lotto play. We have put in place a framework to ensure that your experience with us is pleasurable from beginning till the day your winnings arrive in your account.

  • Guaranteed Payouts

    It is our primary responsibility to safeguard your funds and secure a reliable and protected payout process. After a winning, you will be immediately notified of your success and we will begin the timely transfer of your funds. We do not take a percentage of your winnings, whatever you win is entirely yours.

  • User protection

    It is our corporate responsibility to uphold the highest ethical and legal standards. In order to take care of our users, we have developed an innovative user-protection program, which enables is to look after your interests and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Our user protection program

  • Ultimate purchase control

    JinniLotto gives you the tools to manage your experience. We provide a variety of payment control methods including expense limits, a full purchase history to track your activity and a system that allows only one user pass per person.

  • Privacy protection

    We collect the absolute minimal amount of data needed to provide you with lottery tickets. We deploy the latest security technology and best qualified online data protection experts to ensure that your data and records are safely stored.

  • Protection of minors

    JinniLotto adheres to the legal standards that prohibit the use of lottery play by minors. If you wish to find out more about protection practices for minors and safety recommendations, please contact us at support@jinnilotto.com